The Modern Elf Comic SPECIAL HNY!

Happy new year everyone (all one of you)!  What better way to kick off the new year but by spending 24 hours drawing something cool!  I’m so glad I get to upload this in it’s full quality!  GOSH!  This took forever.  As you might have seen in panel two and a little in panel three I was actually trying to shade with the grass but, Photoshop just gave up on me last night.  It’s like my computer was just DONE with my crap.

Nothing is over_  nothing_.png

Anywho, here’s some work in progress shots for those that like that.  More in the near future!  Thanks for reading.


New Profile Pic

Don’t worry, I’ll  be cranking out the comics over the weekend (god willing, *fingers crossed*).  I’ve just been working overtime all week!  But here’s the latest!

The original.  Some profile practice for Oak Oakenshire, our main cahracter.

And here’s the instagram edit.  I think I like the original better tho.  

Costume (Dinner) Party


AAAAAND!  Here it is!  The first pages of my extremely nerdy fantasy/sci-fi/rom-com/action/adventure/whatever comic strip about two centuries old elves going on dates together!  (I know it’s crazy, you’re parents probably dated at one point too.  Mind blowing, isn’t it?)

Yep, this would have actually been funny three weeks ago.  Oh well, hope you enjoy.  More to come whether you want it or not.  (By which I mean, share this with everyone you know.  I’m an attention whore. xD)

-The Author